Why Watch Movies

There are many things that we could do as our past time. One of the common is watching movies. There are many cinemas located around the world that indicates that watching movies is one entertainment that people like. There are various reasons why. Do you like movies? Why do you like them? What is your favorite movie? I bet you can name many actors and actresses in the Hollywood. There are lots of them and if you like movies you can enumerate 10 actors or actresses now.

Movies are very many already. There are thousands and thousands of movies that have been produced. Even if we spent more time to watch we cannot catch up. We even like to repeat some movies as they amuse us so much. As there is a variety in movies that is why people are not bored including me who like movies! You can choose what genre you will watch. If you like to laugh then you can find comedy movies to cheer you up.

If you like an educational movie, there are plenty of them. You can choose something that is about the science of one that is on the side of history. There are also documentaries you can choose. Movies can take your mind off of your worries. One thing that I always remember is the story of a man who is very ill and he is just waiting for the time of his death. He gets out of hospital bed and watches comedy movies every day. He was able to overcome his sickness through that.